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Name Department Email Website  
Archambault, Lynne Phys Ed & Health    
Arnold, Nina Guidance    
Baldarelli, Beth Special Education    
Barbar, Albert Business/Computer Ed    
Beauchemin,Alan Buildings & Grounds    
Benincasa, Norah Special Education    
Berlandi, Elaine Special Education    
Bielik,Jason Music    
Blais, Molly Special Education    
Blake, Michelle Music    
Bowes, Edward Special Education      
Brown, Marion ELL    
Bunnell,James Athletics    
Buswell, Michael Special Education    
Canty, Rob School Psychologist    
Cappucci,Mary Ellen Medical/Nurse    
Carlson,Richard Buildings & Grounds    
Chappell,Dawn English Lang Arts    
Conant, Olga English Lang Arts    
Connor, Mandi Social Studies    
Cooper, Clare World Language Ms. Cooper  
Daigle, John Science    
Dellasanta, Erik Engineering    
Dery,Maurice School Main Office    
Domings, Vicki Visual Arts    
Easley,Melissa Athletics    
Ferguson, Elizabeth Phys Ed & Health    
Fletcher,Robert Special Education    
Ford, Ann Special Education      
Fredrickson,Eileen Science    
Freeman, Clark Special Education      
Greathead, Christopher Buildings & Grounds      
Haigh, Susan Medical/Nurse    
Hamel, Susan School Main Office    
Hamilton, Jason Buildings & Grounds    
Hancock, Sarah Special Education    
Hillman, Catelynn Math & Business    
Hoffman, Donna School Main Office    
Hunter, Laura Social Studies    
Jackson,Rebecca Social Studies    
Jamieson, Sandra Guidance    
Joy, Sara English Lang Arts    
Kervin, Christy Assistant Principal    
Lamphier, John Buildings & Grounds    
Lancey, Ashley Special Education      
Landry,James Engineering    
Leary, Donna School Main Office    
Leonard,Paul Buildings & Grounds      
Logiudice, Edward Mathematics    
Logiudice, Sharon World Language



Lough, Elizabeth Guidance    
Lowe, Anastacia English Lang Arts    
Lynde, Lauren Science    
Maly, Katieann English Lang Arts    
Manchester, Amy Science    
Mancini, Julia Guidance    
Marcoux, Ellen Special Education      
Martin, Christina Business/Computer Ed    
Masi, Dominick Science    
Matthews, John Special Education    
McEvoy, Jeffrey Social Studies    
McIntyre, Julie Special Education    
McNabb, Brendan English Lang Arts    
Messina, Loren Science    
Nelson, Jennifer English Lang Arts    
Nickless,Margaret Special Education    
O'Connor, Arthur Engineering    
Orazio, Wendy Mathematics    
Pancoast, Ed Mathematics    
Parrish,Michael Mathematics    
Penney,Kathleen Library Media Center Mrs. Penney  
Piper, Sarah Science    
Plante,Anissa Visual Arts    
Preston,Margaret Medical/Nurse    



Romano, Beth Guidance    
Rugg, Kathleen World Language    
Sarsfield, Dan Social Studies    
Savarese,Jeremy Social Studies    
Shaw,Lynne Special Education      
Siskind, Joan World Language    
Smith, Laurie Assistant Principal    
Smith,Gaye Special Education    
Storm, Ashley Special Education      
Sturm, Andrew Science    
Sullivan,Michael Social Studies    
Taylor, Isaac Principal    
Thompson, Paul Mathematics    
Trovato, Valerie Special Education    
Turgeon, Kayleigh World Language    
Waldron,Jeffrey Phys Ed & Health    
White, Shawn Mathematics    
White,Theresa Special Education    
Wiechers,Lori Visual Arts Ms. Wiechers  


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