Special Education

The Special Education department provides services to students who qualify under state and federal regulations. Decisions around program planning and placement are based on the results of psycho-educational testing that specifically address area(s) of suspected disability, class performance, classroom observations, and consultation with teachers. Courses in the NMRHS Special Education Department are redesigned regularly to adapt to the individual needs of students as they arise. The process for determining eligibility for Special Education services is outlined in the general laws of Massachusetts for Special Education, Chapter 71B (formerly known as Chapter 766). Under state and federal law, students are entitled to a free, appropriate, public education, or FAPE , in the least restrictive educational environment. Students are eligible for Special Education services if all three of the following are true:

  1. The student has one or more disabilities
  2. The student is not making effective progress in school as a result of the disability, and
  3. The student requires specialized instruction or a related service in order to make effective progress.

Entry or exit from Special Education courses or programs is a team decision. It is important to emphasize that Special Education is not designed solely as a support service for any student who is struggling in school Special Education services are designed for students who have disabilities that affect their ability to make progress in the general curriculum. These services may include specially designed instruction or the related services necessary for the student to access the general curriculum. For further information regarding procedures and programs, please contact the Special Education Department chairperson at (978) 597-8721.

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