Project Graduation Committee

Shelly Cobleigh - or PG Chairman (Conducts all meetings and oversees committees below)

Kim Simonich - Secretary (Records meeting minutes and submits for board review)

Nancy Ritchie -  Treasurer

Sue Skelly -  Check In/Check Out (Registers graduates, makes wristbands and prepares holding area for personal items)

Colleen White - - FundRaising (Solicits donations, requests grants, prepares and organizes functions)

Tina Croteau Prizes (Buys/requests donations from stores/companies)

Giselle Shepherd Entertainment (Secures and books entertainment, requests grants)

Lisa Estrella Decorating (Transforms NMRHS into a unique venue)

Jackie O'Neill  and Deb Shannon Food (Solicits restaurant donations and serving of food items)

Open Position Publicity/Advertising/NMPG site (Submit articles for publication, make posters/tickets)

Shelly Cobleigh and Tammy Carmichael Chaperones (Contacts/coordinates placement of 100 chaperones

Mike Proulx Logistics (Transportation for retrieval and storage of all decorations/equipment)

Open Position Clean Up (Taking down and packing of all decorations

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