February 13, 2018

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Principal Taylor's weekly look at the academic and creative world that is NM!

Mr. Dellasanta's Engineering Project 

In the Tech and Engineering class, the students learned about compression and torsional forces. The students constructed concrete cylinders using cement and different aggregates to construct the cylinders. They then tested the compression forces by using a lever to try and crush their cylinders. The lever works by measuring the force applied and then multiplying the force by three for the distance away from the pressure point. Some of the small cylinders can withstand more than 600 lbs of force. This project teaches students about different types of aggregates and forces.

New to our school:  
The Student-Athlete Leadership Team! 
Every Wednesday, bring your lunch and eat with our AD, Mr.Fisk! At these meetings, Mr. Fisk plans to promote athletic, academic, and social opportunities for all student-athletes.


 Sophomore Martina N.(right)says: 
"Midterms were stressful but my studying paid off."

Rachel T. (Senior): 
Finishing midterms felt like a weight off my shoulders, especially being a senior."
Junior Ed M. shares his thoughts on midterms
"Midterms weren't too bad, but next year I think we should have half days on exam days to break up the workload."
Mark T. (Freshman): 
"Midterms were boring but there is nothing I'd change about them."
In Other News...

Thursday, February 15 -  

Program of Studies night  Grades 8-11

  6pm - 8pm

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