February 2, 2018

NM Knows!

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Kevin J. (center), Hannah P. (left), Sam C. (right), and Rachel S. (not pictured) all spent Sunday in Boston leading selected ambassadors from every town in the Commonwealth through a day of service. Kevin and Rachel were accepted to be apart of the Alumni Mentor-ship Corps and they each led a team of ambassadors. Hannah and Sam were accepted into Project 351's new alumni program for freshman, they work with ambassadors from the Gardner Region though a year of service within the region.

Support Service Learning!

Support New York Service Learning Friday February 9th from 7-9 and watch your favorite teachers battle it out in the Teacher Talent Show.
NOLA held their annual "Souper Bowl" event on Thursday, February 1st!  Over 16 different soups and chilis were available for sampling.  Entertainment was provided by Kamryn R.  

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In Other News...

February 15: Program of Studies night 6pm - 8pm

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