September 19, 2017

NM Knows

Pommes a Pommes

This week, I found myself playing Apples to Apples in Ms. Cooper’s French 2 class. Ms. Cooper uses this games to support her curriculum. The game uses cognates (French words that are similar in English) and pop culture items to reinforce vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and show students how much French they know just by knowing their own English language.

Hands-on activities are a core part of the French curriculum at NM. Ms. Cooper believes that students learn by doing. Therefore, her classroom activities bring students face to face with French culture and language so that they are able to connect what they are learning to their own interests. The class had recently been discussing Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut, who has worked on the International Space Station and speaks many languages. “Students often surprise themselves by taking a genuine interest in the French people” Ms. Cooper relates. “All my students have an opinion on French food, for example, especially croissants, and the many varieties of cheese!”

Riddle of the Week
(in Honor of Lynn Shattuck)
Try Me  
What has roots that are taller than trees, that nobody sees? Up, up, up it goes, but never grows?
E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney  

Meet the AD!

Starting this week we will slowly introduce you to our new NM Staff!

Since Mr. Fisk is a new staff member, we asked him a few questions to get to know him.  

Q : If you could be any shape what would you be?   
A: A dodecahedron. 

Q: If you could be any type of cereal what would you be?  
A: Apple Jacks, because not too many people eat them.   

Q: What is your go-to Netflix binge? 
A: Anything Marvel related. 

Q: What is your favorite part of NM? 
A: I like the people (students, staff, coaches) the most. Beyond that, I look forward to each day, and am energized by this beautiful facility!  

NM Art Students enjoying the new tables, ready to learn and ready to create!
Assistant Principal Kervin's tortoise is now residing with Ms. Lynde and her classes. This beloved class pet is having a shell of a time!

Support NOLA at Fund Fest this Saturday!

Thank you all who came to Open House last Thursday to see our beautiful new school. Thank you also to the teachers and volunteers for a smooth sailing night. 

In Other News

  • Freshman campaign speeches will be September 20th
  • Freshman elections will be September 21st during advisory
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