September 11, 2017

NM Knows

Welcome Back NM!

Mr. Taylor's inside look at what lies within these four (NEW!) walls

We Teach and We Learn

Welcome to this school year’s first issue of NM Knows, your weekly window into the academic and creative world of NM. This year I have three interns helping me to produce this publication, which will include pictures and short articles highlighting our amazing students and their school.

My goal as principal is to keep our focus firmly on teaching and learning, so that we provide students with a world class education, and build a strong community of strong individuals; proud of their achievements and proud of who they are. The reason we all come to NM is to teach and to learn, in our classrooms, in our common areas, in our athletic facilities, in our advisory program, and in our outreach work in the local and wider communities. NM students are always learning, often teaching, and constantly making us proud. I hope to highlight a sliver of this world in NM Knows.

This year, our new facility will help us raise the bar even further with our diverse curricula. The new building will also mean that everyone at NM will be on a steep learning curve! One of the most exciting areas of the new building is our commons area, where students congregate before and after school and eat breakfast and lunch. This area exemplifies the open, collaborative spaces in our building, which makes it easier and more natural for staff and students to work with each other and collaborate, as they would at a college or in the workplace.

Coming Soon! NM Riddle of the Week

Lending a Helping Paw

This past spring, NM students from the Students for Animals Club teamed with one of our engineering classes to build a feral cat shelter for a local resource group with money donated to the club. The club gave the plans and Mr. Dellasanta and his class gave the results! An amazing display of classroom skills applied to real life situations! Pictured above are Ms. Domings, Eva W, Rose U. and  Engineering student Ashley B. who helped build it!

NM Field Hockey giving back to the community!
Greetings NM,

We welcome you back to our beautiful new school with excitement for this upcoming year and all the possibilities it will bring. We cannot wait to showcase this school, the teachers, the students and everything else that this school has to offer.

Best of Luck,

Your NM Knows Staff

In Other News...

  • Freshman elections are September 20th
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