January 17, 2017

It's January 17, 2017

Circuits and Bolts- NM Launches Engineering Program

I am very excited to announce the launch of our Engineering Concentration at NM! Beginning in June, freshman will be able to declare their intent to complete this challenging program, which will provide access to a robust curriculum to support students in designing solutions to the challenges facing future generations as we seek to expand our footprint in the solar system. This comprehensive study of topics includes biology, chemistry, physics, coding, robotics, circuits, and product design. The humanities and arts are integrated into this dynamic program, which concludes with a capstone project in senior year, based on the colonization of Mars.

This program is recommended for students interested in pursuing science and engineering after high school, and is open to every interested student. It builds on the high standards and range of courses in the technology/engineering department. By working closely with global engineering and product design company PTC to develop our program, we have ensured that students are able to build the knowledge and skills required by industry.

The state of the art facilities at our new building will further enhance our program in September.

More information about the engineering concentration, as well as all of our programs and classes for next year, can be found in the 2017-2018 Program of Studies. Our Program of Studies evening on Thursday February 9th at 6:00 pm at the high school is open to the all current and upcoming students and their families. Faculty and administration will be on hand to discuss all of our opportunities and answer questions.

Principal Taylor with engineering teacher Mr. O'Connor and Jordan Cox from project development company PTC. Over the past year, PTC has been working with NM to help us develop our vision for the engineering program. 
The teacher leadership team for the engineering concentration.
Left to right: engineering teacher Artie O'Connor, history teacher Jeff McEvoy, and chemistry teacher Amy Manchester.

The NM Robotics Team finished in first place in a robotics competition held at Hopkinton High School. The team also took top honors in the skills  competition and qualified for the regional competition in March.

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck
Try me
Wednesday, Cali and Hadley went to an all you can eat buffet and ate dinner. When they were done they paid for the food and left. Hadley and Cali didn't pay for dinner, who did?
E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney kpenney@nmrsd.org
Last Weeks Answer: Meat

Congratulations to Rachel Record and Gavin Donohoe who were recognized with the Worcester County Superintendent's Award for excellence in academic achievement.
Pictured above is Moira LeClerc who printed a segment of a spinal chord. She is planning on being able to print an entire chord to use for transplant.
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