January 10, 2017

It's January 10, 2017

¿Cómo Se Dice Hispanic Artists?

Spanish teacher Mrs. Logiudice feels that it is important to explore the culture and history of a language as well as the syntax and grammar. With this in mind, her Spanish 4 classes undertake a Hispanic artist project as part of their studies. When I dropped in on one of the Spanish 4 classes in September, students were beginning to research a range of Hispanic artists, from Frida Kahlo to Pablo Picasso. The final projects, completed before the holidays, required students to create a piece of art inspired by one of these artists.

Mrs. Loguidice was overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of the work produced this year. “The way the students approached the project pleased and surprised me,” she said. “Students found so many ways to express how the art spoke to them. Seeing their work, I feel like I have a new window into my students. It’s a real privilege.”

For me, this project represents one of many examples of the cross curricular learning that takes place at NM every day.

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck
Try me
Paul is an assistant at a butcher shop. He is 6 feet tall and wears a size 9 shoe. What does Paul weigh?
E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney kpenney@nmrsd.org
Last Weeks Answer: Igloos it together

Think your pet is the cutest of them all?
Enter the NM Students for animals  cutetst pet contest. It is $2 to enter, just print out a picture and bring that and the $2 to lunch with you. All proceeds go to Sterling Animal Shelter!

Congratulations to the 41 students who were inducted into the North Middlesex Chapter of the National  Honor Society!

In Other News...

  • There will be no school Monday January 16th and Tuesday January 17th
  • Mr. Taylor needs staff, students, and parents to join the School Imrpovement Council. First Wednesday of each month at 2:15 in room 1. Please email itaylor@nmrsd.org if interested!
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