December 20, 2016

December 20, 2017

Many Heads Make Light Work


While some believe that too many cooks spoil the broth, chemistry teacher Ms. Manchester takes the view that teamwork divides the work and multiplies success!

Manchester’s philosophy is evident in a classroom activity which she calls ‘The Power of the Collective.’ In this activity students take a couple of minutes on their own to preview a problem, take notes, and think of pertinent questions. For example, the AP classes have recently been grappling with intermolecular forces, and using these forces to describe physical characteristics of molecules. Next, students talk through the problem in small groups. The activity culminates with a whole class discussion.

‘The first time I get a class to do the power of the collective activity, students can be reticent to take a risk and put out their ideas in front of the class,’ Manchester says. ‘Once they warm up, they surprise themselves by how much they can learn from each other. Sometimes just hearing an explanation in another voice, besides mine, can be profoundly helpful.’

The POC can be done in reverse as well. Students have five minutes to preview the question individually, a 5-10 minute whole class discussion, and then the kids are sent off to complete the question independently.

Students participated in the annual cookie swap hosted by the International Club.

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck

Try me

How does a penguin build a house?
E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney
Last Weeks Answer: An autobiography

Nina Robinson, flute and Debbie O'Hair, mallet percussion were among 70 students selected to represent Massachusetts at the 2017 All-Eastern Music Festival. The ensemble is composed of 10 eastern seaboard states. After extensive auditions and application processes both Nina and Debbie were selected to represent NMRHS. Acceptance to the All-Eastern Festival is one of the highest honors that a high school musician can achieve and Nina and Debbie are both shining examples of what hard work and a great music education can produce. 

Ms. Lynde's anatomy classes participated in a deer heart dissection to further their understanding of the parts of the heart.

Shout out to the Boy's Varsity hockey team who took home the championship trophy in the Dana Willard Tournament this past weekend. The boys won over Longmeadow with a 4-3 shootout win with the winning goal scored by Ryan Archibauld with a shot between the legs. NM goalie, Joey Sheridan, was named MVP.

Sophomores in Mrs. Connor's History Class transformed her walls into The Constitution by writing and drawing the preamble and Bill of Rights.

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In Other News...
-Holiday Choral Concert will be tomorrow,  Wednesday the 21st
-PSAT Scores are being mailed home this week.


NM Knows will not be publishing until January 9th

On behalf of  Mr. Taylor, interns Hadley and Cali, and everyone here at North Middlesex, we wish you a safe and happy Holiday Break!


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