December 7, 2016

It's December 7

NM Students on the Chris Herren Assembly 

"What did he say that most impacted you?"

Chris Herren- Principal’s takeaway

Chris Herren’s presentation shook me to the core. His message of self-belief, courage, and being true to yourself and your family cut palpably through our school, impacting every student and adult.

Unlike many of the staff, I have never seen Herren talk before. What I heard from those who had is that his message has changed over time, taking the emphasis away from his story and challenging students to reflect on their own. Herren is often asked about hitting rock bottom and what sparked him to recover. But he asked us to think about first time, not last times. Why is it that we take the first drink? The first smoke? The first injection? Why do we need substances to hang out with the friends we have known since kindergarten?

There is no easy answer to the problem of addiction. Our challenge as a community is to find a way to support each other with our struggles. That means we need to keep this conversation going. We need to challenge ourselves and each other  rather than accept addiction as an inevitability.

Congratulations to this years Mr. NM:

Matt Landino. Matt is no regular face in the crowd. He is an active student counsel member, class clown, and one of the most spirited seniors. The judges were won over by his patriotic American flag suit and his act of making the perfect milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard.  Mr. NM is a male beauty pageant where the contestants compete in talent, Q&A and runway walk to raise money for Giving Tree.

Show support to service learning:

December 8th NOLA is having their annual spaghetti supper. Buy a ticket form a student for $5 or $8 at the door!

NHS Induction will be December 20th.
Make sure to pick your sponsor!

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck
Try me
Forwards I am heavy but backwards I am not. What am I?

E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney



Meet the Interns

This year, the science department has a plethora of interns. They do everything from set up labs to assist students with classwork. Some of the classes they help out with are AP Biology, Anatomy&Physiology, and AP chemistry. The interns help teachers create an energetic learning environment in the classroom. (Not all pictured)

In Other News...

  • New York Service Learning is raffling off a parking spot in the teachers lot
  • Flocking is back! If you wish to purchase a flock of flamingos for someone's yard, see Mrs. Frederickson for more details.
  • Next Tuesday, December 13th is an early release day
  • Wednesday, December 14th is the Band Concert from 7pm-9pm
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