November 9, 2016

It's November 9

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Let’s Rock!

Every high school student has imagined speeding up time, perhaps when they are ready to go home at the end of a long week of school! This week I observed Ms. Piper’s AP Environmental Science students simulating several million years of Earth’s geological history in a single lesson.

Students made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous ‘rocks’ by crushing, melting and pressurizing crayons in a series of simulations of the rock cycle.

Ms. Piper stresses the importance of simulation work in environmental science, because it is impossible to replicate geographic timescales in a lab. “Students need to be able to see what happens to the earth over time, rather than just read about it in textbooks or online. Simulations make that happen.”

Congratulations to our boys and girls soccer coaches Margaret Desilets and Jeff Waldron who both won Coach of the Year for boys and girls soccer.

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck
Try me

I am tall when I am young and short when I am old.

E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney 
Last Week's Riddle: What can you take the whole out of and still have some left?
Answer: Wholesome

A Closer Look...

NM Art teacher Ms. Domings constructed her annual Halloween costume, a ConAir blow dryer. Every year teachers and students alike eagerly await to see what Ms. Domings comes up with next. 

Just a few more costumes...

NM students participate in a mock election on last Thursday. They could vote on their desired party/ presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate and also vote "Yes" or "No" on the four additional questions on the ballot.  

The results for how our school voted will be released in next weeks addition. 

NM Students Effecting the Animal Community in a "Paws"itive Way

The beginning of NM's new Students for Animals Club has everyone purring. It is open to students who have a passion for helping animals. Their mission is to raise money and hold supply drives for local animal shelters, raise awareness of pet safety issues, and help share information about lost and found pets in Ashby, Townsend and Pepperell.
Over 50 students have already signed up!
Ms. Domings is the club adviser. If you have any questions, speak to her. Don't be confused if she isn't wearing the blow dryer costume.

Meet the Interns

Library Intern E Block
If anyone has been wondering the brains behind the weekly riddles, here you have it. Lynn Shattuck interns for Mrs. Penney in the library. She does a little bit of everything, including keeping our brains sharp with weekly riddles and minutely puns.

I am a senior at NM. I am the volleyball and tennis captain and I also play basketball. Yes, I'm the one who wears the different colored shirt. If you are searching for me in a crowded room the odds are my hair is in a side braid. I like quotes but sometimes I think they aren't "quotey" enough. In a footrace between myself and Usain Bolt, I would win. I have realized through my years the disgusting and overwhelming amount of Spongebob I can quote from memory.  Lastly, "Bye buddy."

"Lynn brings her positive and upbeat attitude to the library each day. Her addition of Riddle of the Week has added smiles and laughter which is what Lynn is all about."-Mrs. Penney


On Thursday November 10th, NM will be hosting a Veterans day breakfast starting at 7:30. All Veterans in the community are welcome.

In Other News...

  • Volleyball was knocked out of districts last Thursday in a well-fought battle against Wellesly
  • Boys soccer lost to Wachusett 5-0 
  • Girls soccer was knocked out of the quarter-finals by Marlborough
  • No school Friday November 11th due to Veterans Day
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