November 1, 2016


Picture Yourself Eating!

Usually when you are asked to picture yourself eating, it is not meant to be interpreted as a literal request. But in Ms. Archambault’s Fundamentals of Fitness classes, students were asked to take out their cameras and document themselves eating a healthy meal!

When we returned from the summer break, Ms. Archambault told me that one of her goals this year was to incorporate healthy eating into our freshman PE classes. Students had to research a healthy meal based on their personal taste preferences, go grocery shopping to get the ingredients, and cook the dish. “Regular exercise is key to physical fitness,” Archambault says. “But healthy eating is also a big part of the picture.”

Library Riddle by intern, Lynn Shattuck
Try me
What can you take the whole out of and still have some left?

E-mail your guesses to Mrs. Penney

Last Week's Riddle:

What is it that no man ever yet did see, which never was, but always is to be?
Answer: Tomorrow

NM Students and teachers dress up for Halloween, paying $1 per costume to help fund the yearbook

Meet the Interns

Now that we have met every new teacher at NM this year, we will begin to investigate the department of student interns that work behind the scenes... 

Mr. Taylor's Interns
Nice to finally "meet" you all. We are the creators and maintainers of
NM Knows. Every week we assemble and send to the community these e-mails to keep everyone updated on the school

I am a junior here and I play softball and field hockey. My favorite color is olive green yet 98% of people would think it was pink because on occasion that's the color I dye my hair. If there is a Disney movie on TV... I. Will. Find. It. On a Friday night I like to curl up with a family sized bowl of mac n' cheese while I silently sob over Grey's Anatomy which has scarred me both mentally and emotionally. Currently I am waiting for someone to "step up to the plate."



Superintendent Landers joined Mr. Taylor for learning walks this week. Here, biology students dissected pigs, and reflected on their learning after the class. 

I am also a junior and I am the captain of soccer, probably basketball, MIAA counsel member, went to the moon twice, and I invented microwavable popcorn. Sometimes when I yawn  my eyes close and I get a little sleep. I get through life with coffee and 'The Office' quotes. Oh and lastly I have a crippling fear that my backpack is open when I'm wearing it. If you're looking for me I am probably singing 'Greasy Spoon' or reheating chicken piccata for my lunch. 

"Cali and Hadley are the founding interns for NM Knows. This project would not be remotely possible without them taking the lead this year." -Mr. Taylor

In other news...

  • 8th grade open house will be this Thursday November 3rd
  • Polls are open here at NM for voting next Tuesday November 8th
  • Veterans Day Breakfast will be next thursday November 10th
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