Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum is designed to teach students about our Nation’s diverse cultural and political heritage. We explore the vision of a common life in liberty, justice, and equality as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution two centuries ago. It is through study of the world and United States history that students begin to recognize how our Nation’s ideals and world-wide events have influenced the issues, institutions, and practices of the modern day.

Freshman World Studies will cover world history from the era of monarchies and absolutism through the 20th century, with primary sources derived from the same time. Students will examine historical events, literature, art, and music and demonstrate their knowledge through independent research, and collaborative, interdisciplinary projects.

Sophomores take U.S. History 1, exploring the American Revolution through the reconstruction of the country after the Civil War. Students will also study the framework of government established by the Constitution and the concepts of the American political system. Juniors continue their survey in U.S. History 2 from 1877 to the present, stressing political, economic, cultural, and social changes. Their understanding is assessed through individual and group presentations, essays, projects, and research papers.

As students complete their MassCore and graduation requirements, they are encouraged to take electives focusing on sociology, psychology, or specific courses such as The Information Age. In elective courses, students will participate as effective citizens who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to function in a democratic society.

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