English Language Arts


The English Department maintains a rigorous literacy program at each grade level. Beginning freshman year, the department sets the stage for challenging and diverse programming within its high school curriculum. With the curriculum in alignment with all state and national standards, the English department seeks to promote and enhance the development of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language development.

The freshman program introduces students to reading and writing at the high school level. The freshmen read traditional and contemporary works from World Literature as they explore identity and culture. World Studies offers focused instruction in reading strategies, ample practice in composition, systematic study of grammar and vocabulary, and an emphasis on narrative point of view.

Sophomores read from a variety of literary genres as they explore thematic issues. Students sharpen their writing and reading skills as they identify and interpret motif, theme, and figurative language in poetry and prose. Sophomore English also include a systematic study of grammar and practice of composition.

The junior program highlights important works in American Literature and explores American culture and points of view. Students engage in critical analysis and reader responses as they discuss a variety of genres to explore what makes a text distinctly American. Juniors have the additional offering of Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, which culminates in the AP exam.

Finally, seniors participate in English Language Arts 12, a course that focuses on European literature and writing. Seniors have the additional offerings of Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition that culminates in the AP exam and may count for college credit.

There are a variety of electives available for students who wish to continue their learning in the English Language Arts department. From communications to publications or philosophy, there are seminar classes to evoke the writer and reader in any student. Beginning with the Class of 2016, these electives do not count toward the English Language Arts graduation requirement.



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