Summer Reading

Dive Into Reading!

What is in it for me?

Meet some or all of these requirements and earn up to four points on a midterm or final exam grade for Fall 2013. 

Check out the summer reading titles recommended.  Please note that these are only recommended and that if nothing is of interest to you, type your selection in the space provided on the registration form and have it pre-approved by the course you would like to get credit in.

* AP Language and Composition 11  students should complete the AP assignment INSTEAD of
(NOT in addition to) the standard summer reading assignment.  

Register online by clicking on the link below:  ( 1pt.) 

Due on August 7th- Submit via email ( or in handwriting to the front desk a total of five quotes or passages that highlight one character or event that you wish to focus on when creating your visual  interpretation.  ( 1pt.)

Due on September 3rd- A one page write up telling why you focused on those quotes or passages that you thought best described your character or the events in your book (1pt.) and a creative interpretation in any format we can display.  (1pt.)

Refer to Directions for Summer Reading Assessment  for additional information and questions that will guide your written response.

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